Thursday, 10 January 2013


I have been contemplating a few ideas, in my head for my project at college.
My project is 'Exploration'. I have decided to explore the National Trust. Obviously the first thing that comes 
to mind, would be nature, but I didn't want to be that predictable. 
I do still have one more visit to go and I will be trying to capture pictures of deer (they are somewhat elusive). 

I wanted to come up with something that had a little more thought into it and as my local National Trust area has a mansion, I thought about looking into the history. 
You could go as far back as medieval times, as the site has been used for all sorts of things. I decided to go back as far as when the site changed to Attingham park. A family named the Berwick's (formerly known as Hill), owned it.

I came across a family crest of Noel Hill and fell in love with it. 

I love the swirly writing the use of deer and a flying horse and I am now trying to come up with a pattern using elements of this crest. 

Here are my ideas so far.

Hopefully next time I might have a pattern to show you.

Take care 
Janine x

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