Sunday, 21 July 2013

And so....

Summer holiday's begin!!

 I broke up from college in May, my son broke up on Friday and my daughter breaks up this Friday coming. Although my daughter appears to have caught chicken pox, so may be breaking up a week early! The fiance breaks up this Friday coming too and we will be heading off on our holidays! Hungary here we come.

It will be the first time my daughter has ever been to Hungary and my son hasn't been since he was 3, so it is a massive adventure for them both, especially as we are driving all the way there.

I have so many things planned for the hols 2 weeks away, a few days at my Dads with the kids and plenty of outside activities. I have a National Trust membership and an Ironbridge passport. So pretty much everyday has some sort activity to fill it up.

I am looking forward to the time I am going to get to spend with my family, but not looking forward to the reduced crafting time that will be imposed :( 

I hope you all have a nice summer holidays and will post as often as I can with summer holiday updates.

Janine x

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  1. Those are fine memories you've encapsulated in this one blog entry. So many things happening at once and so many to chronicle. Indeed, it will be to everyone's liking if all goes well. Good luck guys! All the best!

    John McDonough @ The Studemont Group