Monday, 12 August 2013

Perfect Evening

I have been to town today, with my little uns. We had a few errands to run, but we did treat ourselves to a couple of nice things for good behaviour. The boys treats consisted of a new 3ds game that he has been hankering for, for months (and he paid for with his own money, that he has been saving) and a magazine of the pokemon variety. My daughter had a new magazine and some colouring things to do over the holidays.

 My treats included two new magazines and a book, Granny Chic, by Tif Fussell & Rachelle Blondel. I have been undecided for a long time, on whether to buy this book or not, but with a brief flick through I am glad that I have. I cannot wait to sit down later, once the kiddies are in bed, with a cup of Earl Grey, some crochet and my new reading material (possibly some chocolate if i'm lucky).

I may even attempt to make this pattern.

Wish me luck.

Janine x

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