Thursday, 15 May 2014

Practice is much needed

Hi there, I thought I would pop in and update you about my foray into pattern drafting.
I decided to try and add a peter pan collar to some simple a line dresses I have been making for my daughter. 

After spending days online looking for instructions/tutorials, I came across a couple that really did help. 

final (Large)

The first site I found was
I found this one very inspirational, if a little hard to follow, not because of the way it has been written, but because I am very new to even the easiest of sewing and dress making. However, this lady does link to another tutorial in this post. 

This one I found much easier to follow, as it was video tutorials. I watched the videos and then did what she did, pausing the video as I went along so that i could keep up.
She also has an etsy shop selling

Anyway on to how I did.....

I still need lots of practice, but I do feel I might be getting there and my next collar will be better. I will give myself more time and space to do it in. Hopefully then I will have a collar and a dress that I can happily send my little girl out in.

Here are a few pics


As you can see, much more practice is needed. but the basics are there, except of course for lining the collar up correctly and it being even : )

Anyway i'm off to get the sewing machine back out and have another go.

See you soon x

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