Saturday, 10 August 2013

Holidays in Hungary

I'm back......

We have just come back from our adventures in Hungary. It was an amazing holiday and I think it will stay in my whole families memory for a long time. It was my fifth time in Hungary, but it was my 3 year old daughters first time and it was lovely to see her experiencing everything for the first time.

It was extremely hot while we were there, with most days being 40 degrees or hotter. So most of our time was spent in the amazing outdoor baths, that Hungary has an abundance of. A few other activities were thrown in for good measure and some of these included The zoo, The circus, The marzipan museum and visiting lots of distant relatives and friends (as well as eating as many foods as we could). 

I have come back completely refreshed and raring to get going with some new designs. I took lots of photos and collected lots of pictures and sketches. I will be spending the next week collating all my finds into my sketchbook, before I start my initial designs (although I have already made notes of the design ideas that came into my head, so as not to forget them). 

I will leave you all with a few pics....

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